Monday, 11 February 2013

Time to relax

I lead a busy life.  I figure there are only so many hours in the day, so best to make the most of them.  To me this seems normal, but I am frequently informed by my friends and family (generally when slumped over a glass of wine at 9pm) that sometimes, just sometimes, I should slow down and relax.  In fact Amy Macdonald's catchy tune 'Slow it Down' is starting to become my anthem - if you haven't heard it, download it - it's a great tune.

But soon, very soon, it will be time to relax.  In just two days I will be on the first of several planes which (if all goes to plan) should land me into Wellington, New Zealand for the start of a three week road trip.  Of course, most people's idea of a relaxing holiday is a week or two soaking up the sun on a beach with the occasional foray to a nearby cocktail bar.  Frankly, I start twitching after an hour lying in the sun, and a day of lying around doing nothing leaves me frantically searching for my running shoes.  And anyway, who would travel half way around the world to sit on a beach?

So, this would possibly not be classified as the most relaxing of holidays - 20 days of driving, walking, wine-drinking, swimming and kayaking is probably going to leave me looking forward to the sleep on the plane home.  But it will be a fantastic trip, and once I am on the plane I can sit back, forget about cold, rainy England and relax into holiday mode.

Of course, there are a few hurdles to cross first - I mean, this is the women who not only lost her passport two weeks before her last holiday, but has, on past holidays, turned up at the airport on the wrong day. Twice.  But in between making various 'to-do' lists and trying to remember what I have forgotten to add to the pile of things to pack, I am getting rather excited about this trip of a lifetime.  Rather like a kid in the run up to Christmas, I have already started to count the hours...

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