Sunday, 27 April 2014

Live Below the Line - the first meal

As I've got a long drive up north planned for Friday evening, with no hope of microwave facilities enroute, I decided to start my LBTL challenge tonight (Sunday evening).

And my first meal is...<cue drum roll>... Kidney bean and veg stew with herb dumplings (made with flour, water, pinch salt and 1p of fresh parsley from my herb garden). 

It tasted pretty good! Though I suspect that was largely the salt from the stock cube I put in for flavour. Dumplings were definitely a winner. With the other half of the tin of kidney beans and some carrots picked out of my bag of mixed frozen veg (yes I did actually handpick out the carrots - don't ask...) I made some kidney and carrot bean burgers for tomorrow's lunch. 

Tomorrow I *will* post shopping lists for both the Hullian and me, detailing what we each bought for our £5 - I was hoping to do it today but was too busy baking!

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